Technology is the one of the most effective tools to support parking and transit initiatives. Technology strong supports data gathering efforts required to develop and support new initiatives. Additionally technology often is the strongest mechanism available for controlling, managing, and ensuring the highest level of service delivery for operations.

Solstice supports our customer’s technology requirements by developing needs evaluation matrices, sourcing, deployment management, and ongoing utiilization. Through our sister companies, strategic partners, and industry network we can often provide the technology solution, or recommend a proven partner to meet the need.

Technology Solutions:

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking, Reporting, and Mobile Applications
  • Passenger Counting
  • Passenger Access Control and Validation Systems
  • Parking Count Applications
  • Customer Service Tools
  • Passenger Feedback
  • Parking Customer Feedback
  • Facilities, Special Events, Hospitality, and Residential Feedback
  • On Board Camera Systems
  • Signage
  • Dispatching and Scheduling